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How to get a CapTel:

To apply for a free CapTel:
CapTel phones and service are provided at no cost to qualified applicants living in Nebraska. CapTel service is part of the Telecommunications Relay Service provided by Sprint in cooperation with the Nebraska Specialized Telecommunications Equipment Program (NSTEP).

Download application forms
from the NSTEP website


To purchase a CapTel phone for $75.00:
If Nebraska Relay users are not eligible for the NSTEP program, they can purchase CapTel phones for $75 directly from WCI (Weitbrecht Communications, Inc.) by calling their toll free number at 1-877-805-5845.

Or they can order online at

Order online

For Federal only:
Are you:

If yes, your Federal CapTel phone is accessible domestically from work or home or while traveling in fifty states. No domestic toll (long distance) charge for calls made anywhere in the United States.

Sprint is distributing a limited number of free Federal CapTelĀ® phones each month (subject to change at any time). To obtain a free Federal CapTel phone, download and complete the appropriate application form, below.

Note: Spouse, siblings or children of deceased federal personnel, veteran or U.S. Tribal member are not qualified to apply for free Federal CapTel phone on their behalf.

Federal CapTel website