Option 1:

Apply to get
a CapTel phone:

CapTel phones and service are provided at no cost to qualified applicants living in Nebraska. CapTel service is part of the Telecommunications Relay Service provided by Sprint in cooperation with the Nebraska Specialized Telecommunications Equipment Program (NSTEP).

Visit the NSTEP website to download applications. 

Option 2:

Request an Internet-based CapTel phone at no cost

Get an internet-based CapTel phone at no cost with a third party certification form signed by your hearing health care professional (doctor, audiologist or hearing aid dispenser).  Instructions are included on the form.

The internet-based CapTel models are: 
– 840i
– 880i and
– 2400i.

Option 3:

a CapTel phone

Nebraska residents who do not qualify for Third-Party Certificate may purchase any model of CapTel phone.

Click here to purchase.