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My Email Set Up
In order to speed up the set-up of the call, Nebraska Relay now offers STS Email Set-up. Now, STS users can email call instructions or information 2 to 24 hours prior to the call.  This can include information such as the number to be dialed, the name of the person being called, any special instructions and the subject of the call, or anything that makes it easier for the STS user to complete the call. This feature cannot be used to request a specific relay operator, schedule an STS call or be used in lieu of placing a live call.

Click here to read My Step-by-Step Instructions  

Download the Speech-to-Speech
Customer Database Profile form

My Support - 877-787-1989

A dedicated customer support for STS users. This new support for STS is standing by to assist STS users or organizations serving STS users with basic information about STS, filling out customer profiles, and other Sprint Relay features designed to support STS customers and their callers.

The NEW STS customer service number is 877-787-1989 and hours of operation are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

(Please note that while some providers are charging their States a per-minute rate for this service, Sprint is bringing this to you for free with no per-minute charge.)

My STS Wireless *STS (*787)

A NEW national wireless solution for STS users.

While 711 has been implemented across the nation, it’s often difficult or time consuming to reach STS when not at home.  Sprint has implemented a national wireless short code for STS to make it easier to place or receive STS calls.  Simply dial *787 (*STS) from any Sprint wireless phone to be connected with a Sprint STS relay operator. 

Please note that this service is only available on the Sprint wireless network at this time. 

Contact My Support for more information at 877-787-1989.

My Name     My Places

Receiving calls is now easier than ever for STS users with My Name and My Places.

Once STS users register My Name, voice callers can simply call and ask for the STS user directly by name without having to provide the telephone number.  

STS users can also be reached at multiple numbers.  Simply add multiple telephone numbers and hours of availability and we will do the rest. When voice users call, we’ll simply reference the STS user’s “My Places” to see the registered phone numbers.  Different numbers can be added for certain times of the day and days of the week.

Contact My Support for more information at 877-787-1989

My Saved Messages

Imagine spending time dictating a message for an answering machine and then getting a busy signal and being unable to leave that message.   This is even more frustrating for STS users for whom it may take 15 minutes to dictate that message.

With My Saved Messages, the STS relay operator can help.  Upon request, the STS relay operator can copy any messages desired onto the Customer’s Profile for 24 hours.  When the STS user would like to try again, they simply redial STS and ask to retrieve saved messages.   After 24-hours the message copied into the profile is automatically deleted from the system.

Contact My Support for more information at 877-787-1989.

My Style

STS users are allowed to determine how we support them.  Whether the STS user would like the STS relay operator to re-voice the entire conversation or simply repeat upon request, we will provide STS that meets the customer’s needs.

Contact My Support for more information at 877-787-1989.

My Phonebook

Your profile can store up to 30 speed dial numbers in a STS user's phonebook.  To place a call, the STS user simply asks for a caller by name.

Contact My Support for more information at 877-787-1989.

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